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Sarah Ritch Jones

Sarah is the owner of Cumbria Pole Art and a Pole, Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop instructor. 

Here she tells us what she loves about Cumbria Pole Art! "What I love most about Pole and Aerial Fitness is the opportunity it gives us all to grow and develop as people. 

I love seeing people realise they can achieve goals and complete challenges and whats possibly even better is how this knowledge and attitude spills over into their everyday life. I see people grow in happiness, and self belief and feel honoured as an instructor to be alongside them as they do. 

What I love most about CPA is the supportive family atmosphere that we have. Every single member contributes towards it being a lovely and friendly place to learn. We never see any form of anyone being unkind to one another. In every lesson we see people encouraging and congratulating each other on things they are learning. I’ve lost count of the amount of friendships that have been created by people meeting at CPA and have seen them last for years and still be growing strong now. 

I feel blessed and thankful to all who have made it a supportive, friendly and fun place to be." 

Sharon Downing

Jerica Jefferson 

Jerica is a Pole and Aerial Hoop Instructor at Cumbria Pole Art. 

Here she tells us what she loves about CPA. "I absolutely love Cumbria Pole Art it's made me so confident strong and fit. I just love making routines and trying new moves on the pole and hoop. I love helping students with moves and combos and I feel so proud when they achieve a move/moves. I have made friends for life at CPA we are like a family "

Fiona Robinson

Shannon Colbear

Shannon teaches both Pole and Aerial Hoop  at Cumbria Pole Art. This is what she wanted to say about being apart of the CPA family! "My journey with CPA began when I attended my first pole lesson which was so much fun! All the instructors and students were so lovely and supportive, I've never met another group where everyone cheered each other on so much. I was immediately hooked! I gained so much confidence in not just my abilities in lessons but also in everyday life. I've progressed to not just attending pole and aerial hoop lessons but also instructing. There's nothing more beautiful than watching others learn a new skill, conquer their goals and also gain in confidence. I could literally burst with pride when I see students nail a move that they've been working so hard to achieve! CPA is not just somewhere to workout and get fit - it's a place to have fun, to grow and make life long friends along the way."

Michelle Salisbury

Michelle is an executive assistant and a Pole and Aerial Hoop instructor at Cumbria Pole Art. 

Here she tells us a little about what she loves about being apart of the CPA family! "Aerial is a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time. I love learning cool new tricks and I always come away from my lesson feeling like I’ve achieved something amazing. I love CPA because it’s professional but also very friendly. My confidence has soared in the six years I’ve been with cpa and I love to see this happening to my students. CPA is like a family." 


  • Group - £10 per person
  • Semi-private - £20 per person
  • Private - £30
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