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As a larger lady I was terrified of going to a pole class and was convinced that my size would hinder my abilities to do certain moves I was proved wrong. I was made to feel so welcome and all the other students were so friendly.On the odd occasion that I have struggled with a move Sarah has suggested alternative ways for me to do the move and has proven that any size person can pole.

The pole classes are so much fun and have been a fabulous aid to my weight loss, I am now much more supple, stronger and I have discovered my waist again!

I would recommend pole classes to anyone don't worry just go along and enjoy it.

Before I joined Pole Art I had problems with social anxiety and depression so I asked Sarah if I could be put in the same class as a friend for support. I used to get really nervous before classes but Sarah really puts you at ease and I loved it so much that I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and through the door for each lesson. After the weeks went by the idea of missing out on learning a new move became scarier than the idea of going to a class with 4 other girls!

Pole dancing has boosted my self esteem massively and classes are such a giggle it always helps lift my mood. Its a brilliant workout and I wake up sore after every class in muscles I didn't even know I had. I highly reccomend everyone should try out at least one class!

Pole is the only exercise I have managed to stick at! It's fun, exciting, it builds your confidence, makes you feel sexy, I'm getting stronger and stronger each week, i have seen a massive change in the toning of my body, and Cumbria Pole Art has the best teacher in the world, Sarah makes you feel comfortable and confident and she is so lovely!