Throughout weekly lessons, pole students learn a variety of tricks, spins and poses put into routines to progress through the many levels of pole. After successfully completing each level you gain a certificate to illustrate your achievement. For those who choose to, there is also the opportunity to showcase these skills in our yearly show and to compete in the many competitions held across the country.

Your Options

We offer group lessons, private lessons and semi-private lessons.

Group Lessons

Cost as little as £8 a week when paying monthly. They are small and comfortable with a maximum of 8 people to a group. To avoid spaces being wasted by those who don't show up, group lessons are always paid for in advance. Either £10 each week for the following weeks lesson or by paying £35 per calendar month. For convenience this can be done by direct debit.

There are group lessons running Monday-Friday, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Joining a group depends on if and when there are new classes starting and what spaces are available in existing classes. Pole is more than just exercise its also a complex skill, so it does not work to drop in and out of the weekly lessons like in other forms of exercise. Please contact us to find out what spaces are available.

Private Lessons

For those who would like the hour all to themselves, private lessons are for 1 person only. These allow you to come at a time suitable for yourself and to progress easily and quickly at your own speed. The cost is £30 each.

Semi-private Lessons

These work much in the same way as private lessons but are for 2 or more people. The cost for 2-3 people is £20 per person or for 4 or more people it is £15 per person.

What to Expect

Students have told me in the past how nervous they were coming along to their first lesson. I'd just like to point how we all feel self-conscious when we are doing something new, it is totally normal, but rest assured we are all the same. Once we relax and realise everyone is too busy concentrating on what they are learning themselves to worry about you, the fun can then really begin. And what emerges is a wonderful, friendly atmosphere where everyone helps and supports each other in achieving the same goals.

What to Wear

Best things to wear are shorts and t-shirt/vest with bare feet. This is because your skin is how you grip the pole. Many panic at the idea of wearing shorts when it is not something they are used to. Don't worry, come along in trousers that are comfortable to move around in. You can get away with this in the very beginning. Experience has taught me it usually only takes a couple of lessons before those who originally were not feeling so confident, to come bounding in in their shorts :) Also remember to not apply body lotions or moisturisers on the day of your lesson, they can really affect your grip.