1.     Failure to give 24 hours’ notice for cancelling your lesson will result in you still having to pay your lesson fee. Cancellations can be made via the CPA facebook page, email: cumbriapoleart@aol.com or by contacting Sarah on 07766 100369.


2.     A minimum of 50% attendance is required to guarantee you the same space every week. Less may result in your space being passed to someone who can make more use of it.


3.     With sufficient notice we can hold your space for up to 3 weeks of none attendance.


4.     Refunds may be given on 24 hours’ cancellation notice. Please note: the discounted £35 monthly fee is only available on a full calendar month. Otherwise lessons are charged at £10 each.


5.     Lessons can be re-arranged only when 24 hours’ notice is given. Students then have 1 month to book in for their re-arranged lesson time.


6.     2 consecutive weeks of non-attendance with no contact to Cumbria Pole Art will result in your space being passed on to someone else.


7.      We do NOT allow anyone to “watch” lessons. Only those actively participating in the lesson may be present.


8.     Monthly subscriptions cannot be transferred between the different Aerial Arts.


9.     If you are attempting something new or something you do not feel 100% confident you can achieve safely, have your instructor spot you and use the crash mats.


10.                        Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during lessons.


11.                        All jewellery MUST be removed or covered during lessons.


12.                        ALL GRIPS AND RESIDUE MUST BE REMOVED once you have finished using the poles. 



1.     The level moves are to be performed in a routine in order to successfully pass each skill level. Up to 4 moves may be emitted from the level pass routine and submitted via photograph instead.


2.     Level pass routines must be filmed at the studio.


3.     Level pass routines must be seen (in person not via filming) and approved by your Instructor before filming and completing the final piece.


4.     Students are encouraged to include moves from previous levels and to be creative, stylise and make it their own.


5.     More advanced moves may be included in the level pass routine provided every single move of the current level has been included also (i.e. no photograph submitions).


6.     Excellence Awards are presented to those who have taken the extra care to perfect each and every move. The level pass routines will have been practised thoroughly. The student will have demonstrated a fluid routine, smoothly transitioning between clear and precise moves.


7.     Levels 1-2 may be filmed in up to 3 parts. Levels 3-4 may be filmed in up to 2 parts. Levels 5 onwards must be performed as one continuous piece.



Ø  Practise a combo with each new move you learn. This way you are already familiar with how to get in and out of the new move effectively.

Ø  Put 3 combos together and that is practically a full routine, you then just fill in the gaps.

Ø  Routines are brilliant exercise. Don’t be surprised when you find it hard, this means you are developing, getting stronger and fitter. Practising the moves alone is different to doing them altogether in a routine. BUT each time you practise it will get easier as your body becomes accustomed to the new demands. PROMISE!

Ø  REMEMBER practise makes perfect. It’s a cliché but so very true. You get out of your skill what you put into it.



1.     Cancellations are charged at full price. It is therefore recommended that you only book in once you are sure you will be using the time slot or if you don’t mind risking losing the £4.


2.     Pole4Hire is only available to Cumbria Pole Art students who have attended a lesson during the past week.


3.     Payment is required at the time of booking.


4.     It is your own responsibility to warm up and cool down safely and effectively.


5.     Only moves you are 100% confident you can perform safely should be practised. Pole4Hire is not a lesson time, your instructor is not there to spot you in new moves. Your safety is your own responsibility.


6.     Those in Pole4Hire must not cause a distraction to any lessons going on at the same time.


7.     Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during this time.


8.     All jewellery MUST be removed or covered.


9.     ALL GRIPS AND RESIDUE MUST BE REMOVED once you have finished using the poles. If you can’t get it off, don’t put it on!